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How to Localize & Translate PickingPal (Plugin)

May 8, 2024
Want to translate PickingPal into your local language? Here’s how to use the included .pot file to create the needed translation files.…

PickingPal v2.5.0 Release Notes

November 3, 2023
More detailed breakdown of updates in version 2.5.0.

PickingPal: Importing Warehouse Location Data

December 17, 2020
Curious if there's a quick way to add PickingPal Warehouse Location information into WooCommerce products? There is! Learn more here.

Importing Barcode Data Into PickingPal Additional SKUs fields

December 11, 2020
Learn how to import barcode data into the PickingPal Additional SKU fields.

WooCommerce: Barcode Scanning Items Into Inventory

November 20, 2018
If you're looking for ways to use barcode scanners to count inventory and add those totals to WooCommerce, this article is for you.

How To Create & Print Barcode Labels in WooCommerce

August 17, 2018
Question from a prospective customer related to creating and printing barcode labels.

Add Barcode to WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing List (PIP) Invoices

August 1, 2018
A question from a customer regarding adding barcodes to the WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing List invoices. Is there any shortcode I…

PickingPal & Product Bundles

July 30, 2018
A question from a Customer looking to use barcode scanning with bundled products inside of WooCommerce.

What Barcode Scanners Work with PickingPal?

June 1, 2018
PickingPal should work with any wireless or wired barcode scanner that will successfully connect to a PC, MAC, or even Tablet. Learn more.