How To Create & Print Barcode Labels in WooCommerce

August 17, 2018

Question from a prospective PickingPal customer related to creating and printing barcode labels in WooCommerce.

The question was related to whether or not PickingPal had barcode label printing capability.

This module seems to do exactly what were looking for.

We aim to switch from Opencart to Woocommerce in early 2019.

The question i have is: Does the Pickingpal Add-on generate product barcodes?

And are these printable? Directly when you create a product, or only as a bulk action?

Thank you!

Creating & Printing Barcode Labels


Thank you for your interest in PickingPal and for contacting us!

Since barcode labels normally need to be printed in bulk, and sometimes have specific design requirements, we felt it was best to not include any type of product barcode printing capability inside of PickingPal.

However, we give you a data export facility that provides a easy way to export product data elements (like sku, name, etc.) into a CSV.

That CSV can be used to print barcode labels manually, or sent to a company that provides a barcode label printing service.

Internally within our company, to print barcode labels, we either:

1. Send a CSV of barcode label information to our preferred barcode label printing partner


2. Use the following:
– A Dymo 4XL thermal printer
– DYMO 30334 Compatible 2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″(57mm x 32mm) Medium Multipurpose Labels
– DYMO Label printing software (that comes with the 4XL DYMO label printer) – this software allows you to place a dynamically generated barcode on a label
– For any barcodes that are too long to be generated within the software, we use an online barcode generator tool, such as this one. There are several others to choose from as well

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

WooCommerce Barcode Label Printing

As mentioned in #1 above, PickingPal provides a facility to export product data to a CSV that can be provided to a barcode label printing service.

One online barcode label printing service is Barcode Graphics (link).

Another barcode label printing service that we have used ourselves is called Next Label (link).

There are also one and possibly more WooCommerce barcode label printing plugins available on, however, we do not have any direct experience with them.