PickingPal & Product Bundles

July 30, 2018

A question from a Customer looking to use barcode scanning with bundled products inside of WooCommerce.

Hi, Hope you can help me.

We have a few packages we sell, all with about 5 different items.

For example, in Woo when looking at the order it just says a ‘Starter Pack’ was bought. It doesn’t list the 5 different items that need to be packed for that order.

How can I ensure all 5 items are correctly packed?

Can we link the five barcodes with the pack?

Is there a way of doing this with PickingPal?

Thank you 🙂

PickingPal & Product Bundles


Thank you for getting back to us!

Based on your description, and requirement to want to scan the individual items within a bundle, we would recommend using PickingPal with WooCommerce Product Bundles.

With that combination, within PickingPal you would be able to pick items at the individual item level, or at the parent SKU level.

For example, let’s say say you have individual products (A), (B), (C).

Then, you want to create a bundle (D), that is made up of one each of (A), (B), (C).

Now, someone places an order (Order #123) for one quantity of (D).

When you go into PickingPal, you will see:

Product (D) — Qty 1
– Product (A) – x1
– Product (B) – x1
– Product (C) – x1

Now, you can either scan at the product level (1x of A, B, C), or at the Bundle lever (1x of D).

PickingPal gives you the option of doing either or.

We hope that addresses your question.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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