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WooCommerce PickingPal is a shipping and fulfillment accuracy app that helps you ship orders faster and more accurately, and reduce returns. Scan your order barcode, scan your items, and let PickingPal do the rest!

No scanner or barcodes? Please see our FAQ page for more information, or feel free to drop us a line!


  1. Once a new order comes in, print the PickingPal Pick Ticket / Invoice (included)
  2. “Pick” all of the order items from inventory, pull up the PickingPal main screen, and then scan the Order barcode on the Pick Ticket. This will load all the Order items into “Unpicked items” section of the screen
  3. Scan the barcode of each picked item, and let PickingPal go to work.
    > If you’ve picked the correct item, PickingPal will display a green indicator, provide an “OK” confirmation tone, and move that item to the “Picked items” section.
    > If you’ve picked an incorrect item, PickingPal will display a red alert indicator, and provide a “NOT FOUND” warning tone.
  4. Along the way you’ll see a progress indicator and once the order is pick-complete, the system will confirm it onscreen and audibly too with a 100% pick-complete tone!