PickingPal Pro for WooCommerce | 1-Year License


PickingPal Pro is a WooCommerce extension that helps you achieve 100% order picking & shipping accuracy through the use of barcode scanning.

Never send out an incomplete order or the wrong items to your Customers ever again!

To see the additional features in PickingPal Pro, please see below.

Pricing is for a one (1) year license [the license term], which includes software access/usage, updates & support. To continue using the software after the license term, a new license will need to be purchased.

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PickingPal Pro

PickingPal Pro contains all the features in PickingPal, plus the following:

  • Use on 2 sites – Ability for purchaser to use PickingPal on 2 sites simultaneously. License is valid to purchaser-owned sites only
  • Pick reset override barcode – Quickly reset the picking status of an order by scanning a barcode
  • Advanced visibility settings – More options to show/hide certain information in different areas of PickingPal or the site
  • Auto pick digital goods – For shops that offer a combination of physical and digital goods on an order, when enabled, this feature will automatically pick items that are flagged as Virtual or Downloadable
  • Pick to Bin – Enhanced Pick List that groups the pick list into order “bins”, allowing the picker to gain production efficiencies in order fulfillment
  • Order status change on pick complete – Ability to automatically up to two (2) order status change rules when an order reaches 100% pick-complete
  • Order status change via barcode scanning – Ability to update/change the order status via scanning special pre-defined barcodes
  • Picking order statuses – Ability to set valid order statuses for picking to prevent picking cancelled or unpaid orders

Let PickingPal Do The Work

As you scan your order items, PickingPal verifies your work.

No Mistakes

PickingPal will also let you know if you’ve scanned the wrong item. No more shipping errors means less returns, less Customer Service issues, and more efficiency!

Finish & Move On Quickly

PickingPal lets you know when your order is pick-complete, and resets itself so it’s automatically ready for the next order.

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